Crime scene in downtown LS + wanted level

Crime scene in downtown LS + wanted level

Crime scene in downtown LS + wanted level Review
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This map modification made using the map editor will add a crime scene in downtown LS with police officers fib officers with their cars and the coroner service some barriers I also added some cop cars in the perimeter to maybe find the suspect

If you come too close with a gun or get in the closed area you will get stars and police will start shooting you

1-Download the file and put it in your gta 5 main directory ~ scripts folder ~ AutoloadMaps folder
2-Go to the location which is near Michael's garage and check if the map loaded if it didn't go far away from the location and loaded manually using the map editor by typing the following: CrimeScene.xml
3-Have fun

Map editor by Gudmaz

---Mods Used---
Dodge charger 2015 police car
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