CV-96 Carrier

CV-96 Carrier

CV-96 Carrier Review
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Version 0.1 > Initial release.
Version 0.2 > Added Peds, Titan, Rhibs, and ajusted some minor things (relocated both Airtugs as requested by SkylineGTRFreak)
Version 0.3 > Added more props and Peds
> Deleted Titan (Main runway clear now)
> Ajusted Peds in correspondence to the United States Navy Uniform mod (More realistic Navy Personnel)
> Fixed some minor bugs

Hey guys! This is my first upload so I began with something simple. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it! All links will be and the end of the description. This is a simple .XML file made with "Map Editor" by Guadmaz.
On this map I focused my work on the MP Carrier, I have added multiple planes and other vehicles. Now I created the map while using the "Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat" mod by SkylineGTRFreak, so for you to enjoy its full potential I recomend you install it as well.

First of all remember to Backup your files!! (just in case. you never know...)
You can always load the map manualy with the Map Editor, but I recommend you drag the .XML file into a folder named "AutoloadMaps" in the "scripts" folder in the game Directory. If you don't have this folder, simply create one, AFTER installing ScriptHook V .NET, inside your "scripts" folder in your game directory. After that, if you have successfully installed the required and recommended mods, the map should load it self when you enter the game.

>Open All Interiors 3 - NewTheft ( -- Enables the Carrier to appear.
>Heist Map Updates in Single Player - nkjellman ( -- the Carrier it self.
>Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat - SkylineGTRFreak (

>Map Editor 1.5 - Guadmaz (
-- in order to load the map (alternative ways will be shown)
>Menyoo PC [SP] - MAFINS (
>F-14D Tomcat "Top Gun" and Navy skins - SkylineGTRFreak (
>Community Script Hook V .NET - Crosire (
> United States Navy Uniform 2.0 by me! (
> SH-60 Skin for Annihilator also by me! (

To install the mods metioned above, follow the instructions of their respective creators.If you guys have any questions feel free to comment on the post. And if you were pleased with this simple map please let know so I can continue to Improve it and make other maps as well. Anyone can use this map as a base model to create their own maps!
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