Davis Office Building (Interior)

Davis Office Building (Interior)

Davis Office Building (Interior) Review
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(RP Intended)

Interior for an office building located in Davis in the court area, next door to a police station.

Would make good use for something like a DMV in RP.

Need to clip through or add your own teleport.


° Windows (one way, see out)
° Waiting area/Front room
° Help windows
° "Secured" door with key/id pad to the opposite side of the help windows.
° Planning Room
° Office
° Meeting Room
° Multiple Security Cameras
° Lighting Inside and out.
° American Flags
° Planted a tree outfront 🌳

*Warning* People inside may shoot out of the door/windows while being protected from return fire due to one way view/collision.


°Map Editor


°Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x64, x86

° Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64, x86.

°Latest ScriptHookVDotNet

°Lastest NativeUI (if the latest version causes a crash rollback to the previous version)

These downloads can be found Here


°Native Trainer

SP Instillation:

° Unzip the file to your main GTAV folder.

(It can be in any folder under gtav as long as you recall where you put it)

°Load GTA single player

°Open map editor (f7)

°Load XML (Davis Office.XML)

Allow some time to allow the objects to be loaded.

You must clip (airbreak, can be done with map editor, go into edit mode position yourself to land inside and leave edit mode) through the door to get inside, otherwise you may use another plugin to create a blip teleport to go in and outside of the office.
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