De Santa Manor_MICHAEL'S HOUSE NEW EXTERIOR [Menyoo] Review
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This add-on menyoo map mod adds a new look to the outside of Michael's Home in Beverly Hills (Rockford Hills).



-The biggest new addition is a giant oak tree in the middle of the front yard.
-Surrounding the oak tree are many different beautiful flowering plants.
-My favourite addition is the Helipad which is placed on top of the tennis court,
but you can still play tennis (little tricky). A stair is placed to access the helipad.
On the helipad is a Silver/Chrome Swift Deluxe helicopter.
-New trees (Eucalyptus, Palm trees, etc)
-Security System for the house. After entering through the gate, there will be two security guards
inside their little hut, watching over the house parameter. The house parameter is covered
with many CCTV cameras. They even have radar. There are CCTV cameras in all 4 corners of the house, 2 CCTV cameras
in the sechut, 1 behind the gate, 1 watching over the entire frontyard and 1 above the main door.
-There are 2 FBI SUVs and 1 FBI Cruiser for security. (Because the De Santas are very rich Celebrity VIPs :p)
-There is a Silver/Chrome Bugatti parked near the oak tree.
-Tracy's Yellow Mini Cooper might also be parked sometimes next to the SUVs.
-Black Limo parked in the (that place :p)
-White limo parked right outside the gate.
-You can now enter/exit balcony. Go in Michael's room, go near window, and magic! you are outside.
To go back in, go near balcony door. And yes, that balcony is not really the balcony for michael's room.


First you need to have installed [Menyoo PC by Mafins]. An amazing mod menu which has its own map editor/object spawner (object spooner). Download Menyoo PC here:

Menyoo requires Alexander Blade's Script Hook V plugin, if you haven't already downloaded, here:

Once you've downloaded and installed Menyoo, copy the file DE SANTA MANOR.xml to GTA V Main Game Folder/Menyoo/Object Spooner.

Now launch the game GTA V.
-Once you can start playing GTA V, press F8.
-Select Object Spooner using num keys (Num 8 for up, Num 2 for down, Num 5 for select). If you can't select, you probably have Num Lock on or off, press Num Lock on keyboard.
-In Object Spooner, goto Manage Saved Files, then select DE SANTA MANOR.xml .
-Then select, Load Placements, wait for the mod to load, and you will be teleported there. And done! Have fun exploring my mod! :)

Now it's not a permanent map mod, it's addon, so you'll have to load it everytime you restart the game.
The steps might seem like a lot of trouble, but it's just starting the game, loading a file, and then waiting for it to load.
If you have set very low graphics settings and resolution, all menyoo mods will load faster.

The mod has some bugs, but if you have knowledge of using Object Spooner,
you can fix them yourself.
See, the mod consists of spooner moveable objects that were placed by Rockstar*, ex: gate, doors.
When the mod loads, a new gate, doors, patio, overlap the existing ones. So:
-Original gate might open but not the new one, so you might not be able to get out of the house sometimes.
-Original door opens, but new door sinks underground (not a big issue)
-If you parked other vehicles outside before loading, they might overlap and explode.
-Security vehicles might not load sometimes.
-Another known issue is, there might be two michaels loaded. i.e. You and a still standing ped of Michael.

If these bugs are 'bugging' you :p , then you can help by removing the bugs, and uploading an improved version :)
README included with the .zip
You are free to edit the mod using Object Spooner. If you re-upload it after changing, make sure to give credits to me: RaecxNash

RaecxNash 2017
Addu City, Republic of Maldives.
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