DeathWish - The Next Day

DeathWish - The Next Day

DeathWish - The Next Day Review
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This Takes place the day after the last mission is over in storymode. You are put right at the crime scene where the car was pushed off the cliff. The cops have arrived on the scene to investigate what happened,and of course Weasel News is there catching the story as well.
This is def not the only time these guys have gotten rid of somebody this way and other drop sites will be revealed in future updates to this concept.

Developer notes:
i had an awesome debris field all around the blown up car on the ocean floor. I actually blew up the car and added the separate car parts that fell off to the database. It looked perfect with all the parts from the car laying all around it. But every time i loaded up the map the debris parts would turn into a whole car again. So i had to keep it simple.

You can see Devin under the car because the trunk has broke off in the explosion. I have explosion damage on him but the water will remove it after a few minutes or so. You can also spot Trevor and Ron on a nearby hill spying on the investigation.

Menyoo instructions:

Put DeathWish file in your gta v directory in the menyoostuff / spooner folder

Load story mode, open menyoo (F8), open object spooner, manage save files, DeathWish, Load Placements
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