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Desert Bunker

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ATTENTION! For my maps you need the latest software:
- the program "Map Editor";
- the program "Menyoo".

Soooo, I present to you a huge underground base.
When the Zombie Apocalypse breaks into the world of GtaV and will sweep on its open spaces, emptying everything around, you will be able to find shelter in this underground base... Maybe... You decide to destroy this dangerous military base... Who knows?

This modification contains 2042 parts, 64 types of people, 19 modes of transport, 10 selected kits and 56 teleportation points.
Due to its large size, it may take a few minutes for the map to load.

The underground base includes:
- 2 levels
- 2 underground garages
- huge hangar for 2 helicopters

Transport in this modification:
- 2x buzzard
- Insurgent and insurgent pickup
- Scarab
- Tank Rhino
- Half-track
- Barrage
- Dune FAV
- Mencer
- The Merryweather jeep
- 2x Forklift
- Chernobog
- RC bandito
- Van Rumpo Custom

The modification contains 3 standard versions:
- Friendly (DeserBaseF)
- Neutral (DeserBaseN)
- Aggressive (DeserBaseA)
Also, the archive has two versions:
- Version "DeserBaseC" contains only the base with the machines.
- Version "DeserBaseZ" contains only the base, without people and machines.

(Watch the video on this modification)

Installation of the map:
1) Put the files .xml in your main folder with gta v
2) Turn on the Map Editor
3) Load map .xml
4) And... Be happy! :))
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