Downtown Survival Base [Final Resistance Base]

Downtown Survival Base [Final Resistance Base]

Downtown Survival Base [Final Resistance Base] Review
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A last resort camp in the downtown region of Los Santos. After the apocalypse people were forced to either run away or stay to fight, and you chose to fight.

- Needed:
Map Editor - httpswww.gta5-mods.comscriptsmap-editor
Script Hook V .NET - httpswww.gta5-mods.comtoolsscripthookv-net
Script Hook V -
Simple Trainer -

0.1 Alpha Release:
- Added walls with military peds on top.
- Added fires as lights (Setting is their isn't any electricity on).
- Added Military, Medics, Chem workers, Builders, normal peds.
- Added secret entrance as only entrance from outside the walls.
- Added vehicles (Ambulance, emperor, RatLoader)
- Added gate at one entrance to block it off but still able to see main road.

- Redesigned the walls & platforms that the Military stand on.
- Redesigned outside of main wall (More protection/obstacles)
- Made Alley way bigger by extending wall.
- Added more peds.
- Added ammo boxes.
- Added military Jeep.
- Added new secret entrance into base via back wall.
- Added area to store a land vehicle near the entrance via back wall.
- Starting to extend onto the roofs accessible via ladders.
- Removed RatLoader.

- Small fixes to barriers, walls & platforms.
- More extension onto roofs accessible via ladders.
- Added place where peds would eat & relax out.
- Added more ambient characters.

Known issues:
Comment down issues with the map & any requests.
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