Driver's Paradise [Add-On | Map Editor | Menyoo]

Driver's Paradise [Add-On | Map Editor | Menyoo]

Driver's Paradise [Add-On | Map Editor | Menyoo] Review
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Welcome to Driver's Paradise Final Version

I was a bit bored with the same roads to drive on so in my little free time I have I slowly
started working on a way to insert large 3D maps into GTA V. This is my first attempt.

Change Log 1.1
Different road and ground textures
More props for DriversParadiseP. Can be quite demanding on lower end PC's
Added more roads
New Spawn Location (Next to coastal highway)
Easier install method

Change Log 1.1s:
Fixed spawn issue

Change Log 1.2
Added Snow Peaks

Change Log Final Version
Menyoo Compatible (Has fewer objects than Map Editor)
Added new props
Added Snow Drift section

Final Version Showcase

Mods you need to make this mod work properly:

Map Editor by Guadmaz

No Boundary Limits by SonofUgly
Note: the no boundaries mod must be installed to x64a/data/tune

GTAMP Object Spawn Unlocker
(Use v1.0 included in the download)
(Not needed if using Menyoo)

How to install and use:
Follow Readme file provided

Q: Map does not load. I only see trees and barriers.
A: In Map Editor settings menu Set draw distance to 3000. Validate Object Database and check "Skip Invalid Objects". if that does not work make sure all files are installed correctly.

Q: My car stops randomly while driving.
A: You have reached the boundary of the map. Install No Boundaries mod in x64a/data/tune

Q: .xml file is empty error.
A: Paste "DriversParadiseF" .xml files in GTA V root folder or for Menyoo paste "DriversParadiseFM" .xml file in GTA V Root/menyooStuff/Spooner

Enjoy Driving around!
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