Drug bust [Menyoo]

Drug bust [Menyoo]

Drug bust [Menyoo] Review
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LEGEND: * = Bugfix / Changed + = New Added - = Removed

-> Changelog Version 2.0
* General improvement work *
* SWAT texture (POLICE -> FIB)
* Position of many cars & peds
+ Gawper
+ Reporter & Paparazzis
+ Vans (From gawper's & WeazelNews)
+ Officers in charge
+ DOA-agents
- Drug figures
- Drug dealers
- Swat "circle"
- Vehicles, fences & "command station" on the path to the Drug Bust

If you use my map in a Youtube video please put the download link in the description!


1. Special Informations: None 

2. Requires: Menyoo Trainer

3. Installation: GTAV directory -> menyooStuff -> Spooner
3.1 Ingame: Open Trainer -> Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> (My Map) -> Load Placements

4. Credits: Map made by Milchtropfen
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