Dynamic Movie Studio [Map Editor]

Dynamic Movie Studio [Map Editor]

Dynamic Movie Studio [Map Editor] Review
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Makes Richard's Majestic Productions busier and vibrant.

Location: Backlot City, Los Santos

Adds 9 movie sets to the studio:
+Space horror movie set (Northeast)
+Helicopter crash movie set (Northeast)
+Zombie movie set (Northwest)
+Police drug bust movie set (North alley)
+Plane crash movie set (Northwest roof)
+Spy movie set (Center)
+Mobster movie set (Center)
+Police chase movie set (South alley)
+Space Rangers vs Impotent Rage movie set (South roof)

Other stuff:
+Additional security
+Interview with Solomon Richards (North)
+Road and security signs
+Tourbus and tourists
+Craft service
+Staff personal vehicles
+Cargo area
+Better lighting throughout the property
+Minor details

Requires Guadmaz's Map Editor: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

To load:
1. Install Map Editor by Guadmaz: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor
2. Drag the movie.xml into your GTA V main directory.
3. Open the map editor menu in GTA V, select Load Map, XML, and type in "movie"

Map details:
0 Pickups
0 Markers
9 World
389 Props
37 Vehicles
90 Peds

You'll get a two-star wanted level in the studio if you haven't completed the mission "Mr. Richards."

The peds spawned by map editor are set to friendly, so they won't shoot you no matter what you do. However, the security guards spawned by the game WILL shoot you if you provoke them unless you use a trainer to turn off wanted levels.
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