Dynamic Plane Crashes

Dynamic Plane Crashes

Dynamic Plane Crashes Review
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This map is for Menyoo. It will not load in Map Editor. It will not work on pirated versions of the game and you must have the latest patch installed. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp


New twist on the often-seen "plane crash" map concept. These happen in real time!

(3/27)Updated with new map: Mid-air Collision. Two jumbo jets attempting take-off and landing at LSIA collide midair, raining flaming wreckage and debris onto the shore below. Also includes an alternate angle.

Original map: Load the map and you'll be rocked by a huge offscreen explosion. Turn the corner and see the fresh wreckage of a Miljet that has nosedived straight into the pavement.

Pedestrians will flee the explosion, emergency services will arrive, and traffic will bottleneck, causing explosive chain reactions.

This is an early/proof-of-concept that I put together very quickly to demonstrate Menyoo's new task sequencer. Future update will add more rubble, more flames, and more insanity.
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