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This is a small and early Christmas map. I'm Jewish, but I like the Christmas time because of the snow and songs. Also I know the pictures aren't good. I had to take a pictures with my tablet because I cannot upload the in game pictures to rockstar and fraps doesn't work. That is what happens when you use a poor quality PC

If want to use music (I recommend it) please use a trainer to turn on mobile radio. To add your own music like I did go to "This PC-documents-Rockstar-GTAV-User Music." I highly recommend using only mp3 files to avoid any crashes or lags. I like to listen to Lady Antebellum so I have their music installed which their Christmas songs are perfect for this map.

I have the pride parade installed so that is why you might see the LGBT flag on Michael, Franklin, Trevor's shirt, and on Chop's color. It should work if you don't have the mod. If you don't have the mod and if the game crashes you can either download the mod by going to Lossantospride.com or if you don't want to download the mod let me know and I will happily put the regular files back in order

Place Christmas.xml in the root directory of your GTAV folder. Use map editor, go to load map, and type in Christmas. The location is on the Vinewood sign. Just teleport there. I know it is small, but I never done this before.

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