Elysian Trident House [Menyoo]

Elysian Trident House [Menyoo]

Elysian Trident House [Menyoo] Review
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You need the Menyoo menu: Menyoo PC

This is a weird house situated in the Port of Los Santos, on the Elysian Island.
The house is built in a covered berth, with all the most modern security systems.
At sunset you have access to a unique view of the pacific ocean, maybe smoking a Joint. In fact the house has severals Weed Plants and a kitchen that serves as a bar, with a large number of alcoholics.
This is the perfect house for relaxing and partying with friends.

Maybe some objects will not spawn so report to me some bugs or abnormalities.

1- Download the map files
2- Extract the folder in the zip
3- Open the "File" folder and copy the file "Elysian Trident House.xml"
4- Go to "your GTA5 directory >> menyooStuff >> Spooner" and paste the file
5- Launch the game and open the "Menyoo Menu >> press F9 (or the key that you assigned to open the spooner menu) >> Manage Saved Files >> Elysian Trident House >> load
6- Enjoy!

Credits: Phobos072
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