Enhanced Block Project

Enhanced Block Project

Enhanced Block Project Review
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This mod is in the very early stages of development. Expect to see many updates!

fills in alot of empty lots and space, and makes sidewalks less cluttered. More props, vehicles, and pedestrians per city block. block1 contains simeons dealership/hookah/chiuahah hotdog, vapid dealership (unfinished), and construction site.

Adds alot more props, fills in alleyways, and empty lots. also removes alot of unnecessary trash and places it in more appropriate places. switches out street trash cans with large bins. more streetlights. added delivery vehicles

more streetlights >simeon block
Sports cars >simeon dealership
Mechanic Supplies >simeon dealership
Forklift and towtruck >simeon dealership
various lighting >simeon dealership
Various plants >simeon dealership
Loading Trailer >Ammunation
Parked Cars >Ammunation
Trees> Ammunation
storage containers >across road from simeon
Various construction equipment >across road from simeon
vapid muscle cars >vapid dealership
Speedo sign >vapid dealership
liberator monster truck >vapid dealership
motorbike >alleyway beside simeon
crates, boxes, trash >alleyway beside simeon
Lighting >alleyway beside simeon
taxi >by autopark
Chair >on top of building beside autopark
different trash bins >autopark, hookah building, alleys
loading freight >hotdog alley
pallets, boxes, crates >hotdog place


Map Editor 1.5

place block1.xml file in Autoloadmaps inside your scripts folder
Grand Theft Auto V\Scripts\AutoloadMaps

Excuse the grammatical errors, was uploaded in haste.

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