Enhanced Office [Menyoo]

Enhanced Office [Menyoo]

Enhanced Office [Menyoo] Review
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This is a map based on the Finance and Felony offices with a few extra bells and whistles I've taken from other parts of the map, most notably Solomon's office. I've also given the Assistant a new outfit that wasn't used in the update.

Unlike the original Fully Stocked Offices, which replicates how the office looks in Multiplayer after completing crate missions, this is an original creation.

You might also like the Fully Stocked Warehouses map, also from the Finance and Felony DLC.

For use with Menyoo PC. You must have the latest version of Menyoo and the latest GTA Online patch.

To use:

Once you've installed Menyoo you'll have a "Menyoostuff" folder in your game directory. Go to that, then drop the xml file(s) in your Spooner folder.

Go to Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files and select the Enhanced Office from the list. Then select Load Placements.

Update v1.1:
I'm dumb and accidentally uploaded a version before I added all the guns on the conference table.
Added a few more details.
Added an improved bed at MAFINS request. Also included a teddy bear for him to snuggle with.
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