Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse

Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse

Extended Police Station and Luxury Safehouse Review
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Update 2.0 - I added an easier version of the Assassination Mission where the police are only armed with guns and not RPGs.

This mod adds extra rooms to the front of the police station and a safehouse which you can access past the jail cells.

Features include:
- Interview rooms
- Police lineup room
- Two bedrooms
- Hidden panic room

There are THREE VERSIONS of this mod for roleplaying:

"newpol1" - Devin Weston has become a police informant and got Michael and the gang arrested.
This version is for if you want to explore the police station and safehouse, the cops wont shoot you.

"newpol easy" - Assassination Mission. The boys have made bail and are looking for revenge. The police have locked down the building and brought in heavy reinforcements. Devin Weston is hiding in the safehouse. Can you fight your way through the cops and take him out?
This is the easier version but still pretty tough.

"newpol hard" - This is the harder version of the Assassination Mission. A lot of the cops are armed with RPGs and grenade launchers. Very tough to survive.

- Open All Interiors
- Map Editor
- Menyoo or use my objectlist for Map Editor

Load using Map Editor. Load from the roof of the police station to make sure all objects appear.

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