Extreme Trial: Vinewood

Extreme Trial: Vinewood

Extreme Trial: Vinewood Review
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Hello all!

This is a showcase for a mod idea, it needs Map Editor.

What I like most in the GTA series are the cars and the physics engine, since GTA3. So I spend a lot of time trying impossible tricks and sections, but the slow and not-Leeroy-Jenkins way. I am sharing here one of my courses I do often. It's not the run-of-the-mill offroad races, it's not about time, but getting all the flags with the fewest attempts. I have a personal real world history with 4x4 trial, it's my thing and what I enjoy most in GTA5.

This map presents one of my trial courses, I do many more routes all across the gameworld, some for cars, some for motorcycles, and they're all demanding and interesting. This download just adds some very few objects to the world, it doesn't change anything within the game, it's the vanilla gameworld without ramps and whatnot. Finding good and difficult course and connected sections in the original map is part of my kind of fun. Which means, you can actually do this completely unmodded too!

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, so I am using Map Editor (currently 2.7.1, credits to you guys!!) to plot the course and place the flags for you. I wish I could do a dedcated standalone mod that counts the flags knocked over, and has penalty flags that shouldn't be touched for the perfect score, nicer section markers between gates (instead of the cones), and eg. make blips, teleport you to the start, restrict certain cars, spectators that cheer when you passed a gate, etc. Ingame editing of a course and setting interactive flags or gates would be nice too.

If you are a programming modder, please consider contacting me to help me make a standalone and new kind of mod! This showcase should show nicely what my idea is about. Thank you!!

1. Have Map Editor correctly installed.
2. Move/Copy the trialvinewood.xml (or trialvinewood.ini for Simple Trainer) file from the .zip into your GTA5 root directory
3. Ingame: Press F7 to open Map Editor Menu
4. Select Load Map
5. Select "xml" or "Simple Trainer"
5. Enter "trialvinewood" (without quotes)
6. Exit Map Editor

The start is located at Didion Drive at the border Vinewood Hills/West Vinewood, (http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Didion_Drive) see the attached map.

Credit: The map is an edited part of the 4K Satellite Map Mod.

1.2 Added Simple Trainer format file.
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