Extreme Trial: Zancudo River

Extreme Trial: Zancudo River

Extreme Trial: Zancudo River Review
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Hello all!

This is my second published trial course. I do many more routes all across the gameworld, some for cars, some for motorcycles, and they're all demanding and interesting. This download just adds some very few objects to the world, it doesn't change anything within the game, it's the vanilla gameworld without ramps and whatnot. Finding good and difficult course and connected sections in the original map is part of my kind of fun. Which means, you can actually do this completely unmodded too!

Instead of an obstacles description list in the readme.txt, I have this time provided a screenshot for each gate. Have your car spawner ready and/or a script that teleports you to nearest road, because you will get stuck and your engine drown a lot in the beginning. You may want to set Water Quality and reflections to lowest setting to better see the rocks under the water surface.

General tips: Keep your engine above water, at least only submerge it a shortly as possible. Especially gate 3 is tricky. SPOILER: Drive into the water backwards, and keep your nose as close to the gate pole as possible without touching it, and circle around it. You'll see that the riverbed slope lifts your front end just enough for most cars (see screenshot). I first thought I'll let you find out yourself, but then I considered it's hard enough without killing your engine. Also, in the water sections try to drive from rock to rock with just enough momentum to halt your vehicle's wheels ON the rocks so you won't ground your vehicle (5,6,8), as grip under water is diminished mostly because of buoyancy.

1. Have Map Editor (2.7.1 https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor ) correctly installed.
2. Move/Copy the trialzancudo.xml (or trialzancudo.ini for Simple Trainer) file from the .zip into your GTA5 root directory
3. Ingame: Press F7 to open Map Editor Menu
4. Select Load Map
5. Select "xml" or "Simple Trainer"
5. Enter "trialzancudo" (without quotes)
6. Exit Map Editor

The start is located on the east end of Zancudo River, by the bridges close to the "Sea Race 3".

1.1 Added Simple Trainer format file.
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