FIB Building Improvement [MapEditor]

FIB Building Improvement [MapEditor]

FIB Building Improvement [MapEditor] Review
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any mods have fib improvement? no one walking in fib?

Here is this mod FIB Building Improvement

This mod will Improvement FIB Building

Also, at 49 Floors There will be fireman wander around. I don't know how to fix it, maybe future

Installation: Just put FIB_IMPROVEMENT.xml In to GTA Directory
Now When you are in games Press F7 To open Map Editor. After That Go to Load map then Load XML Then Type "FIB_IMPROVEMENT" (Must Have UnderScore To Work) Now Enjoy my map.

Issue Bug:
Janitor Still Have Cothing Like Sleep Colthing I don't know how to fix it
Everytime you provked the FIB. FIB will attack Each other for no reason
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