Fighting Maps (Mission Creator Map Pack)

Fighting Maps (Mission Creator Map Pack)

Fighting Maps (Mission Creator Map Pack) Review
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2 maps put together using the Mission Creator mod by Guadmaz (check it out its brilliant)!

You need the mission creator mod by Guadmaz (
You also need rage plugin hook (Latest Version)(


1. .XML files go into: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\Missions" (STEAM)
(Just drag and drop them into the Missions folder which should be in the plugins folder)

2.Go in game making sure you run Rage plugin Hook first. When your game has loaded press F8 to open the mission maker mod,
and then select 'play mission', the missions should show up! Then you're good to go!

The Pit:

This mission is an ultimate test of your fighting skills, you will face progressively harder enemies. Their health will
increase every round (and so will the number of them!). Do not leave the pit!

Fight Club:

This mission is similar to the pit but a bit easier and more suited to players who arent as good at fighting. Enemies will get
harder each and there are hidden Melee weapons for noobs (like me!)

Hope you guys enjoy the maps i will try to add more in the future!
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