Fireworks Display [Menyoo]

Fireworks Display [Menyoo]

Fireworks Display [Menyoo] Review
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Big thanks to @MAFINS for making this and all other menyoo mods possible.

Version 1.5 Spreads out the firing pattern a bit for a better show and moves the crowd to a slightly better viewing position.

I made this fireworks display and small crowd for Independence Day but you can use it to celebrate anything you want.
This semi realistic, steady fireworks display has intense pace and timing changes every few moments as well as a random slowly changing target pattern that produces a slightly different show every time, making it remarkably entertaining to watch for just a menyoo project.

Be sure it's dark before you start the event and turn on "everyone ignore player" so the peds don't run from the fireworks.

Some peds may occasionally spawn facing the wrong direction or not performing their idle animation. If this bothers you then simply remove all entities and reload the file. Also the De Santa family and the three protagonists are not present in the crowd so you may attend as any character you wish without causing a paradox.

Installation instructions are included in the readme. Happy Independence Day!

If you like my mods and you wanna show your support then subscribe to my YouTube channel. I post car and game videos regularly.
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