Flying Apartment [Menyoo]

Flying Apartment [Menyoo]

Flying Apartment [Menyoo] Review
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For use with Menyoo PC. You must have the latest version of Menyoo and the latest GTA V patch.

EDIT: This mod requires version v0.9998743b of Menyoo (or a later version). If you do not have it installed, a few objects will be missing from the plane.

1. Install the latest version of Menyoo by MAFINS if you haven't already.
2. Place the given menyooStuff folder in your GTA V game directory.
3. Load the mod using Menyoo>ObjectSpooner>ManageSavedFiles>*MODNAME*>LoadPlacements.

This map mod is simple. Your highly respectable and above board (pun intended) drunk-pilot takes you from Los Santos International Airport to wherever he wishes (the route is fixed but he'll crash at a random point because of all that booze).

1. First person view is recommended.
2. If you have issues walking, strafe left or right and then move forward (this happens when walking on carpets or through doors).
3. Try not to fall off the aircraft. This may result in death.
4. You may enter the cockpit using super jump.
5. Most of the material in the aircraft can be walked through, including the walls.
6. Do not press the F (enterVehicle) key when in the aircraft.
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