Flying Island House [Menyoo]

Flying Island House [Menyoo]

Flying Island House [Menyoo] Review
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You need the Menyoo menu:

This is a flying island where is located a beautiful and modern house.
The island is located in the roof of the chiliad mount, about 300 meters up the mountan.
There are two helicopters in the police station in paloleto bay to arrive on the island. On the house there is the helicopter pad and take attention when grounding.

The island is full of plants and trees and there are two "relax zone" to watch the landscape.
The ground is irregular so I put some wooden boards to make more simple the passage.
The door will not work, i don't know the reason and if someone can answer me I'm gonna be happy!
The kitchen is very simple, as the bedroom. The dining table and the sofa are in the middle of the house and there are some sofas in the end of the house, to watch the landscape. There are many speakers around the house and many guitars.

Maybe some objects will not spawn so report to me some bugs or abnormalities.

1- Download the map files;
2- Extract the folder in the zip;
3- Open the "Files" folder and copy the file "flying house.xml";
4- Go to "your GTA5 directory >> menyooStuff >> Spooner" and paste the file;
5- Launch the game and open the "Menyoo Menu >> press F9 (or the key that you assigned to open the spooner menu) >> Manage Saved Files >> flying island house >> load;
6- Enjoy!

Credits: Phobos072
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