Formula D Trevor's Airfield

Formula D Trevor's Airfield

Formula D Trevor's Airfield Review
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Formula D Trevor's Airfield by BlueJeansGamer

This mod needs Map Editor by quadmaz to work

Note: This drift layout is still in development, all I was able to do is make the layout, all I still need to do is add some extra stuff like a burnout box, peds, spotlights and some small details.

I am providing 2 versions:

fdairfielddynamic - cones are moveable


fdairfieldstatic - cones are not moveable

How to use this drift layout:

1. Copy and paste "fdairfielddynamic" and/or "fdairfieldstatic" into GTA 5 root folder
2. In-game launch Map Editor with F7
3. Select "Load Map"
4. Select "XML"
5. Type in "fdairfielddynamic" or "fdairfieldstatic" (without the inverted commas)
6. Wait a few seconds
7. DRIFT!!

It is recommended to use this map mod in Director Mode with no vehicles and peds

Location: Trevor's Airfield

Feel free to make videos of this drift layout.

BlueJeansGamer out
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