Fort Mercer [Menyoo]

Fort Mercer [Menyoo]

Fort Mercer [Menyoo] Review
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After being inactive for a while ive decided to work on a few new maps for GTA5. There will be brand new ones alongside recreated older maps of mine. This map is called "Fort Mercer" and turns the normal aircraft carrier into a military island base. Like in the Raven Rock Map, there is also a hidden secret under this map. Try to find it. I suggest loading the map after a fresh game start without any previous loaded maps in that session.

The first video below was made by me and shows the whole map with no missing objects and all peds on it, check it out!

This map offers the following stuff:
  • Turns the aircraft carrier into a military island
  • Can be fully explored
  • Multiple helipads and a runway
  • The base can be entered through multiple entrances
  • A secret beneath the island

  • "Fort Mercer" is located at the aircraft carrier location

  • 1. Install Menyoo and make sure its working correctly.
  • 2. Pick one of the two following .xml files and move it to MenyooStuff/Spooner in your GTA5 folder.
  • 3. Ingame, open Menyoo, click on "Teleport Options"/"Landmarks"/"Aircraft Carrier" (Important! You have to do this step before loading the "Fort Mercer" map, so please dont mix step 3&4 up)
  • 4. After you teleported to the carrier in step 3, click on "Object Spooner"/"Manage Saved Files" and select the map you have choosen below.

    - FortMercerP.xml (1789 props, 135 peds. 029 Vehicles)
    - FortMercerH.xml (1654 props, 000 peds, 029 Vehicles)

    Whenever you see that an object is obviously missing (Like a big hole in a wall, you know that your pc didnt load the entire map.

    Sometimes it can happen that your character cant draw his weapon and is stuck in a odd animation. This is caused by the high amount of props. Nothing either me or you can do against it other than using a workaround. To do so, either way stick to the same weapon before entering the map or choose the weapon you want over and over until it works.

    Please do not upload these files on any other site. However, you are welcome to share the link to this site whereever you want. I also appreciate every comment in the section below, reviews on Youtube and everything like that. Cheers and have fun!
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