Fort Zancudo Drift Gymkhana Map

Fort Zancudo Drift Gymkhana Map

Fort Zancudo Drift Gymkhana Map Review
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A custom gymkhana map for drifting at Fort Zancudo! This map was made by me for my video on YouTube. Hope you like the video and custom drift course!

Watch my video here:

1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz. Make sure it is the latest version and is working properly in-game. Download the Map Editor by following the installation instructions:

* You also need to install more objects for your object list file that are not available in Map Editor. You can find these objects/props that I used here or from another extra objects list:

2. Once you have installed the Map Editor by Guadmaz, you want to place my map file which is a XML document called 'fz1' into your game directory.

3. Go into the game and open the Map Editor.

4. Go to 'Load Map' in the Map Editor menu and type in 'fz1' to load my map. Loading the map will take a few seconds so do not worry if you freeze when it says 'Loading..' because it takes time to load all the props, pedestrians and vehicles.

* This video was made with many more mods that were created by others. You can find all the mods I used in my video description. This entire map was created by me exclusively for my video.

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