Franklin & Lamar's Gang

Franklin & Lamar's Gang

Franklin & Lamar's Gang Review
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Franklin and Lamar's Gang

A new roleplay map,this time in the scenario,you have Franklin and Lamar leading the gang,and the gang is on its peak,they got lots of cars,weed,guns,members..In their hood,right side of the stripe,its all about their gang.In the hood you have few different sections,each is on the control of 3 leaders per one section..Frank and LD have the control after every leader and every section of the hood,all of the sections are usefull,one for the weed,ammo other for the cars,money,etc. You have the central section where is Franklins house,all around it are side-sections..The leaders who run the sections are rich,have better cars,better clothes,they simpley got better position..Frank & Lamar run the streets,trying to take other gangs down,everyday they are visiting the sections to see if everything is going in the good way.The cops are no big deal,since the weed and ammo storage are well covered inside the carwash,everything else seems usual,exept for some areas where its all locked with gates,there is no way you are getting in if you are not known..The gang members are all over the place..Wearing green colors or not,they are on streets ,chillin ,smoking with the homies..Few famous reppers are in the gang too,since they grew up in those streets , they are good friends with Frank and LD..As the gang is countinuing to grow,getting more cash,members,weed,the gang is now trying to expend itself by destroying other gangs..

As planed,there is going to be alot of them,now i just created one,thats the weed and ammo storage,look at some pictures to see whats going on around there.

CarWash Storage
As the carwash is all broken down,the gang used it for weed and ammo,they covered the bars around it,and made a wall at the exit,the section is runned by three older persons and very experienced,their names are Kevin,Robert,Wilt...You can see the drivers of the vnas sitting on the chairs drinking beer and waiting for next delivery.You have the bike garage,full of sanchez's,runned by Josh,a punk thats been working with them since 1994,you got the mechanic around the corner fixing bikes and cars...The leaders got their Mercedes's.There is only one way to enter the section,trought the Franklin's street,since he is keeping an eye on his weed storage..all other entery's are closed by big gates.Guard's are all over the place.And the getaway cars secured by old dude named Paul.The section is working pretty well and doesnt want to stop growing..

Weed delivery point
This section is held by Michael and Trevor, the good friends of Franklin. He has trust in them. Since Trevor runs the Strip Club, Frank asked him if he can cover his weed delivery behind the club,under the bridge. Trevor accepted that, and with Michael he became the leader of that section and both of them have the income. At the moment, they are making a negotiation with Martin Madrazo, a long time no seen friend of Michael. The very rich business man who runs the Mexican-American gang. He is giving around 2.6 millions for 2 tons of weed. The deal and the business is going pretty pretty well for them. Frank and LD are proud of the money they are earning and work they've invested in the job. Frank often visits the deal.


I will describe to detail every single section as the updates come out

This map is made for ppl that want to roleplay and have fun,its written by some scenarios that i want you to read to kinda know whats going on and continue doing gang jobs,this map you can mix with alot of other real life mods..Drug Traffick for exemple..This is 0.1 version of the map so nothing much is done so far,i will upload it weekly section by section,sometimes maybe two..If you like the map leave a comment and like this post,thank you so much, bro love Changelog
-0.1 CarWash storage
-0.2 Delivery point, Strip Club
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