FranklinFBI House Hideout oporation

FranklinFBI House Hideout oporation

FranklinFBI House Hideout oporation Review
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So its an "FBI" hideout in downtown LA (Franklins Home) and it is being guarded by swat and black ops personal both from the inside and the outside. The guards will spawn ok and with no issues, but the people on the computers won't spawn since I used menyoo to make them idle on the computers, you could just do the same. Other than that also the cars won't spawn since they are modded cars and if you guys like this small map I made as a test, let me know and il make a more sophisticated one with car mods and everything next time. other than that the installation and how to use will be below.

1.) Scripthook V:
2.) Scripthook
3.) map editor:
4.) Open IV:
4.) A set of hands ;)

1.) Take the "FranklinFBI" and the "Objectlist" and drop them into the scripts folder in your GTA 5 main directory. ( the object list is 10k and much better than the stock one so trust me its all good.

open GTA 5, use F7 to open map editor, go on load map, choose XML and type (FranklinFBI)

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