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Franklin's Pads

Franklin's Pads Review
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This populates franks safe house and aunt denises house with homies and females and a bunch of other props and stuff i dont show a lot of them in the screens so you can discover them for yourselves, its more fun that way and if you dont want to then oh well just enjoy the populated spaces.

If you're having problems loading the map just put it in gta 5s root then open the map editor menu and click load maps then enter the name of the xml.

Bully Walk theme for guitar
More Lights at franklins
Franklins Advanced Garage
Jimmy's New favorite t-shirt
Real posters and magazines for franks house
Franklins house improvements

Map Editor
Open All Interiors

v2.1 Wont change much but will add a helicopter a bmx and some bushes and some more drugs and what not around franks house also the hippies by the hot tub wont just be standing in a circle now
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