Frozen Island [Menyoo/Map Editor]

Frozen Island [Menyoo/Map Editor]

Frozen Island [Menyoo/Map Editor] Review
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! Attention !
Before you load this map in your game make sure you've checked the "Snow on Terrain" from "Weather Options" in Menyoo. Or you can install whatever snow mod you want. I recommend you to use "light snow" weather or "x-mas" weather.

- update 1.1
Fixed some peds that were under the map.
Added new peds.

- update 2.0
Added interiors for the safehouse, motel, bar and gunshop.
Added new peds.
Added new buildings.

This island is inspired from Alaska, Svalbard, Greenland and many more polar places in the world. I've tried to bring the mood of a polar village. You can find wild places, a dock, a school, a police station/hospital, an oil industry, an airport etc. It is your job to explore the map. You can get there with a boat, plane or helicopter, follow the checkpoint.

This map consists in two files: the menyoo file that is the map itself and the mapeditor file that adds peds and vehicles.

I'm open to your suggestions. Leave a comment about this map and a like if you want to support my work. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Requirements (Important):
- Menyoo:
- Custom Props Add-On:
- Map Editor:
- No Boundary Limits:

Drag the "isl.xml" into the main folder of the game and the "alaska.xml" to GTA 5 > menyooStuff > Spooner. Then, in game, load the "alaska.xml" with the Menyoo ( firstly teleport to the reference ) and the other one with Map Editor.
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