Galilee Trading Company [MapEditor/YMAP]

Galilee Trading Company [MapEditor/YMAP]

Galilee Trading Company [MapEditor/YMAP] Review
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Ever thought about what lies opposite Sandy Shores? it's Galilee, a small, picturesque unincorporated settlement in the north of Blaine County. They building boats at the Millars Boat Shop and they also have a fishery. Recently a trade association was set up, instead of building ships, the employees went to work to build four wooden buildings over the water, which is now the Galilee Trading Company. You can find a black market where you can easily moor by ship to buy all kinds of goods. Galilee also has its own hemp plantation to satisfy most residents of Grape Seed & Sandy Shores. Moreover, you can now own a house with a beautiful view of the Alamo sea and there's a cozy harbor cafe on the long pier. This small settlement Galilee is now four buildings richer. Most objects are dynamic be careful how you walk! Have fun with this map.

Changes from the first upload
A few bottles and the plate with a burger in the cafe were not dynamic but they are now so that everything really can fall :)

Latest version of Map Editor
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

OmegaKingMods Map Builder Community 1.04
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

Choose a Gameconfig so that you can use the newer versions of Map Builder and add more Custom DLCs. If you have a backup of Map Builder Community 1.04 you don't need a gameconfig for Map Builder.

Too many add-ons! (Gameconfig Fix!) to add more DLC's to your game or

Gameconfig.xml by Dilapidated

Gameconfig by F7YO

An Objectlist that contains the Map Builder 1.04, Biker and Import & Export Props, Special Races, Gunrunning, Smugglers Run, Doomsday Heist & After Hours DLC props. [one is added in the download]

Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects. (Don't use it with Menyoo)

Sitting Mod by Jedijosh920

Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter 1.0.4 To work with ymaps.
Extra Information

Alive & City ymap pack [has all the maps in packs for the game]

You can also set with a trainer "everybody ignores player" to have a better time at the bar...
Some objects are dynamic so you can push some objects be careful how you walk!

This map was build with Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
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