Handling Clone from GTA IV

Handling Clone from GTA IV

Handling Clone from GTA IV Review
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When GTA IV came out the driving was amazing, soft suspension and the overall handling of the cars where awesome.

There has been other mods out there, but they aren't the same.
So i made one where the handling in GTA V is the same as in GTA IV

V.1.0.0 (initial release)
* All cars has been rised up by: 0,05% higher
* All cars has a softer suspension by: 1,50%
* All cars has a better damage deformation by: 1% (stock 0.05)
* All cars include: Bikes, planes wheels, cars, trailers, tanks, everything.
* Does NOT work in Online, Duh.

V.1.0.2 (update)
* Stiffen some cars who collided with the ground
* Fixed issue where some cars where not affected by the modification.

---* Added additional deformation x-factors:---
x1 crash deformation
x1.3 crash deformation
x2.3 for (realistic crash damage, like real world high speed crashes)
note: might be annoying if your playing the game seriously, use for messing around only)

This mod is for people who really enjoyed the driving from GTA IV.
This mod will not further enhance things like "Drifting" or "Super race cars"
Bikes, Drifting, super race cars have softer suspension, though they are not badly affected.

1: Get openIV
2: Start openIV and find: GTA V -> Update -> Update.rpf -> Back up original Handling file Before you replace it with the moded one.
3: Save your changes.
4: Play the game.

Other info:
Please leave an honest rating and please give feedback! :)
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