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Road Constructions

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Road Constructions by SkyL1nE

This mod adds some road constructions in the world of GrandTheftAuto V.

Download the mod and read the readme.txt


1.0 Road construction at Strawberry Ave (bridge works)
1.1 New road construction at Senora Fwy (tunnelling works)
1.2 New road construction at Seaview Rd (bridge works)
1.2.4 Fixed a bug at Seaview Rd
1.2.5 Fixed some bugs at all current road constructions which may caused
by the new map editor version 0.8 and fixed some other cosmetical things.
1.3 New road construction at Tongva Hills (road works) and again some cosmetical changes
at all current road constructions.
1.3.2 Did some changes at the tunnelling works at Senora Fwy even at the latest road works (Tongva Hills).
+ Integrated some animations for peds (experimentel)
1.4 New road construction at La Puerta Fwy (part of the tunnelling works)
1.5 New road construction near the latest update (1.4) + More peds got animations
1.5.2 Fixed the autoloadbug of the latest version. I splitted the version 1.5 into two .xml files and loaded both into the map editor (with Autoloadmap) and then I saved it again as one .xml file. Done it should now load autoload the map without an error.
1.6 New road construction at Pacific Bluffs
© SkyL1nE
(don't copy or share it on other sites! Thanks! PS: Making a video about it is preffered!)
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