Vespucci Yacht Paradise party [Menyoo]

Vespucci Yacht Paradise party [Menyoo]

Vespucci Yacht Paradise party [Menyoo] Review
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This party yacht contains plenty of rooms to explore, realistic party scenes the beautiful ocean this mod captivates partying on a Yacht like no any other mod filled with Security, Celebrity's,Strippers everything is exciting and precise

The Yacht is filled with dozens of scenarios. Each room accessable has something going on even the inside of the yacht has the party in play.

Access the interior and explore each room until you are fulfilled.
Works with Menyoo.


Install instructions
.Place the file to Gtav/Menyoostuff/Spooner

.To load placements simply go to teleport/Yachts/ "Dignity Heist Vespucci beach"

Thereafter go to options/manage saved files/ Yatchpartyz/Load placements
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